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Tree Tops Jungle Lodge - Buttala Sri Lanka

Overview of Tree Tops Jungle Lodge - Buttala

Authentic Jungle experience and simple living amidst the nature at Tree Tops Jungle Lodge

Tree Tops Jungle Lodge is a real jungle experience and simple living in harmony with wild nature. The ecolodge situated 10 km southeast of Buttala is carefully fitted into impressive surroundings, the elephant tracks, bush-jungle, mature tall forest, rocky hills as well as the wildlife.

Completely off the standard beaten track, the lodge is a special and non-touristic place to stay and is about location and experience rather than just another accommodation option. Come for living and walking with nature in the Weliara jungles, an isolated wilderness in the remote southeast Sri Lanka. The Weliara jungle is hidden between Yala National Park and the Rahat Kanda mountains – a 20 km steep ridge of rocky hills, separating civilization from wilderness.

Accommodation of Tree Tops Jungle Lodge - Buttala

At Tree Tops Jungle Lodge, accommodation option is tented style canvas rooms. Four chalet type canvas lodgings with bathroom and toilet inside the tent, good space for a large double bed and a verandah outside the room with folding chairs and tables.

Through simple, camp style living conditions, staying at Tree Tops Jungle Lodge is an extraordinary trip, back to nature.  Without electricity or other modern amenities and meals are mainly native curry style cooked on gas or traditional wood fire in the central mud-hud kitchen and restaurant. 

Dining of Tree Tops Jungle Lodge - Buttala


Fresh brewed Ceylon tea

Choice of tea varieties, including organic. Or go for organic highland grown Sri Lankan coffee made the French press style


Traditional flat bread baked on wood fire

'Dhal' curry (lentil soup)

Sambol' (grinded coconut salad)

Eggs as you like


Selection of fruit

Delicious water buffalo curd with kitul syrup palm

The buffalo yogurt is homemade first quality, produced by a villager who is the owner of the herd of water buffaloes often roaming the bush outside the lodge. If the hot dishes are too much for breakfast, there is a selection of bread, fruit and delicious water-buffalo yoghurt which goes very well with kitul-palm syrup.

Lunch and dinner

The Tree Top cooks prepare delicious traditional Sri Lankan vegetable curries over a wood fire using exotic ingredients such as banana flower, manioc, green bananas, jack nut and fruits, with curry leaves found in the jungle. 

You might be inspired by the alternative ways of cooking well known vegetables such as potato, carrots, beetroot, pumpkin, and leeks from the cooler mountains, prepared Sri Lankan curry-style. 

Tasty, fried freshwater fish from nearby lakes optional. 

The lodge team arrange colorful displays of the variety of fruit vegetables used so that you can see the raw version of the curries you eat.

For the less committed vegetarians, chicken or beef/filet will be prepared on request. 

Drinking water, tea/coffee, fruit, coconuts are available and included in the total quote. 

Around 6.30 pm the lodge will offer a sun downer and with the drink local bites such as salted cucumber and fried cashew nuts are served.

The Bar

Beer: Local beer (chilled on ice)

The drinks card: 

-Gin & Tonic 

-Jungle cocktail (arrack/fruit) 

-Gin/limejuice a'la Tree Tops 

The wine card: 

A good choice of wine is available to purchase for an additional, reasonable, charge.

Facts of Tree Tops Jungle Lodge - Buttala

City - Buttala

Category -

Distance from Colombo - 290 Km (6.30 hour drive)

Distance from Airport - 310 Km (7 hour drive)

Price Guide - Rates on Request

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