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In the 19th Century, during the British occupation of Sri Lanka, British constructed the railway lines in Sri Lanka and started the Railway service in Sri Lanka to transport Tea from the Hill country estates to Colombo Port and imported goods to the interior of the Island. So Sri Lanka's hill country Railway line goes through Tea Estates, thus making the train journey a scenic ride.Sri Lanka has three popular Train Journey and they are,

  • Colombo Fort to Badulla or Kandy to Ella is the most popular Railway track among the tourists as this goes through the Tea Plantation and most scenic landscapes in Sri Lanka's Hill Country.In this Railway line most people take Kandy to Ella station leg. In this railway line, train goes up to Peradeniya on Colombo Fort - Kandy line and from Peradeniya Station the train switches the tracks towards Badulla where you will pass Hatton, Thalawakale, Great Western,  Nanu Oya(NuwaraEliya),  Ambewela, Pattipola, Ohiya,  Haputale,  Diyatalawa,  Bandarawela,  Ellaand Demodara stations through Tea Estates, Misty Mountains and Valleys. This is a very scenic Train Journeys in the world.There are three trains leave Colombo in this line  Train 1 - 5.55 AM with 1st class compartments with air conditioning, 2nd class compartments and 3rd class compartments, Train 2 - 8.30 train with 1st class compartments with air conditioning, 2nd class compartments and 3rd class compartments Train 3- 9.45 AM train with Observation compartment, two privately operated air conditioned saloon type compartments, 2nd class compartments and 3rd class compartments. Remember, book from Kandy to Ella. that's the best leg. If you need to go to Nuwara Eliya, you should get off at "Nanu Oya" station.
  • Now the coastal line. that's from Colombo Fort to historical city of Galle. There are couple of trains during the day which you could book 2nd and 3rd class seats in this train. Intercity train from Colombo Maradana to Galle leaves Colombo Maradana station at 4.45 PM
  • Colombo - Batticaloa - Trincomalee train leaves Colombo fort Railway station at 6.05 AM. This train arrives in Galoya Junction station at 11.19 AM at which point you have to change the train if you are going to Trincomalee, local train to Trincomalee waits for the main train and leaves Gal Oya at 11.30 AM. There is only one day time train to Battocaloa and Trincomalee.

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