We have been awarded with “Safe & Secure” compliance certificate by Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority enabling us to provide services for travelers who wish to travel to Sri Lanka. Until further notice, only “Safe & Secure” certified travel agents will be able to provide services to travelers during the first 14 days.

As a “Safe & Secure” certified travel agent, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our clients, staff and our service providers, we will provide all services in adherence to the guidelines stipulated by the Health Authorities and Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority.

For your convenience, we publish the “Guideline for travelers” stipulated by the Health Authorities and Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority as follows.

Welcome back to the paradise island of Sri Lanka. As we open our doors to the world once again; we’ve pulled out all the stops, ensuring that every precautionary measure has been set in place to make your island getaway as safe, secure and serene as possible. In your preparation to explore the wild and wonderful, we’d like to bring your attention to the ‘things you need to know’ for your safety as you make your way to an amazing time that is So Sri Lanka! We are so looking forward to welcoming you!

  1. Sri Lanka Travel Protocol
    updated on 27th October 2021

    1. Full Vaccinated traveler route
      (Have taken both vaccines and 14 days have passed after the 2nd vaccine)

      1. Arrive in Sri Lanka with a negative PCR report which is not older than 72 hours. No PCR requirement on the ground.

    2. Non-Vaccinated Traveler route
      (Travelers who have taken only one vaccination are considered non-vaccinated)

      1. Arrive in Sri Lanka with a negative PCR report which is not older than 72 hours. (No on arrival visa is issued. You need to apply for visa before arrival and pay for PCR tests and Covid 19 Insurance)

      2. Stay in a Level 1 hotel or in any number of Level 1 hotels under the Bio Bubble concept for the first night. All travelers above 12 years undergo a PCR test on the day of arrival, at the hotel. Until your PCR result arrives, you are confined to your hotel room and all meals will be served to the room. (Children between the ages of 2 to 12 years will be exempted from on-arrival PCR.)

      3. If the PCR test result is negative, you are free to use the hotel’s facilities and come out of the room. You are free to stay in any number of Level 1 hotels in the island within the first 15 days and visit only approved tourist sites within the Bio Bubble concept. (What is the procedure when tested positive for Covid 19?)

      4. On day 14, all travelers above 2 years need to undergo the 2nd PCR test. If negative, you can exit the Bio bubble after completion of 13 nights/14 days and travel freely in the community. A discharge certificate will be issued before the check out on Day 14. (What is the procedure when tested positive for Covid 19?)

    3. Vaccinated Parents and Non vaccinated children

      1. All travelers above 2 years need to arrive in Sri Lanka with a negative PCR report which is not older than 72 hours irrespective of their vaccination status.

      2. Unvaccinated children at the of 2 to 12 years of age and vaccinated adults needs no PCR tests on the ground.

      3. Unvaccinated children at the age of 12 to 18 years of age, need to undergo an on-arrival PCR test at the first hotel.

Visa for non-vaccinated travelers - When travelers apply for Visa, they need to send us (Your Safe & Secure Travel Agent or the Destination Management Company) the Visa reference number. We then attest the visa application by sending a document to the Immigration authority. Then the visa and Covid 19 insurance policy will be granted. There will be no On Arrival Visa issued. Until further notice, people would be able to get visas to Sri Lanka only by traveling through a "Safe and Secure" certified DMC like us. Apply for visa using government visa portal here. (No on arrival visa)

Visa for fully vaccinated travelers and their non vaccinated children - Apply for visa using government visa portal here. (No on arrival visa)

PCR and Covid 19 Insurance - We will take care of everything. So, no worry for travelers. (US$ 40 per person per PCR, US$ 12 per person for Covid 19 insurance). Covid 19 insurance is mandatory for non-vaccinated travelers and not mandatory for fully vaccinated travelers & their non vaccinated children.

What is covered in Covid 19 insurance - All medical expenses for Covid 19 matters such as hospitalisation, medical tests, medicines, ambulance transfers etc.

Level 1 hotels - Hotels meant only for foreign travelers who are travelling in Bio Bubble.

When tested positive - You will be transferred to immediate care centre or an approved hospital for treatments. All expenses of this mater will be covered by the Covid 19 insurance policy up to US$ 50,000/- for a one month period, including children below 2 years.

Approved tourist sites - Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, Peradeniya Botanical Garden, Mirijjawela Botanical Garden, Dambulla Popham's Arboretum, Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, Ridiyagama Safari Park, Sigiriya Fortress, Polonnaruwa, Yala National park, Minneriya National park, Udawalawe National park, Horton Plains National park, Mirissa, Sinharaja, Hurulu Forest Park, Udawatta Kale

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