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Enjoy a fascinating stroll through the Sacred City of Kandy, now a popular UNESCO World Heritage Site. Kandy is known as the Cultural Capital of Sri Lanka because it is immersed in a culturally rich past that dates back hundreds of years. It is here you will find the famous Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic (The Royal Palace) where the Sacred Tooth Relic of the Buddha is located. Furthermore Kandy was the last Kingdom of Sri Lanka founded in the late 15th Century and lasted until the early 19th Century. It is also the hosting city of the World famous Kandy Perehera, a popular religious and cultural pageant that parades the streets annually.

Many of the regal buildings of a bygone era still remain to be seen, yet in vastly diverse uses. The Royal Palace or Maligawa consists of the King's Palace now the Kandy Museum, the Queens's Chambers now the Kandy office of the National Department of Archaeology, The Royal Audience Hall and Royal Court, the King's Harem Quarters, the Queen's Bathing Pavilion, the Great Terrace now the Kandy Lake and the Royal Armoury currently the District Courts of Kandy.

Explore some amazing sights with your host as you amble through the corridors of time. Enjoy the fascinating stories that unfold; re-live what may have happened in the intriguing Royal Empire under its last independent monarchy, before it came under British rule in 1815.

On your trip around the city take a peek at some of the remaining Walauwas or Colonial Manor Houses of native Headmen. Some of them locate the prestigious Queens Hotel, The Kandy Town Hall and The President's House with another heritage building inside the former Bogambara Prison complex. In fact there were supposedly 18 such Walauwas in and around Kandy of which only a handful remain intact.

You may also visit the Beautiful St. Paul's Church with its intriguing brickwork, the old Lawyers office that was once the Army Barracks during the reign of the Kandyan Kings and later used for the same purpose by the British. Enjoy the cool breeze as you take a leisurely walk around the Kandy Lake before enjoying some tea and snacks at a wayside kiosk.

After a long, yet enlightening evening enjoy the Kandyan Cultural Show where a stimulating showcase of Sri Lankan Arts, Dance and Cultural heritage comes together in a swirl of movements and exotic colour' to the reverberating sounds of Kandyan drumming.

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