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Imagine spending two nights in an authentic colonial bungalow that was once belonged to the British Planters who managed the tea plantations in the region. Enjoy the evening chitchatting by the fireplace before sitting down to a formal dinner in keeping with the traditions of a bygone era, prepared by the ‘Appu’ or housekeeper / chef.

Wake up to a glorious sunrise surrounded by tea bushes spreading across the mountains like carpets rolled out in the sun. Stroll through the winding plantations and watch closely how the nimble fingers of the tea pluckers pick the prized “two leaves and bud” that go to make Pure Ceylon Tea, the finest in the world. You may also try your hand at this skilled process and indulge in a chit-chat with the friendly workers. Watch the leaves being collected, weighed and then transported to the nearby factory. Take a guided tour of the factory to watch the intricate and laborious tea manufacturing process. Finally watch, learn and experience how the teas are graded by size of leaf and then tasted for strength, flavor and aroma before being bagged and sent to the tea auctions in Colombo.

Enjoy some good wholesome Ceylon tea fresh from the plantations accompanied by freshly baked cake.

A visit to Christ Church Warleigh, more popularly known as the Warleigh Church built in 1878 promises to be an interesting experience. This quaint and beautiful church, built in accordance with typical old British Church architecture is enriched further with an amazing panoramic view of distant mountains merging poignantly with the blue skies.

Ride the expansive waters of the Castlereagh Reservoir in a native catamaran (dugout canoe). Enjoy the breathtaking expanse of clear blue tranquility spread around and the green expanses of jungle that surrounds it.

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