Wild Elephant Observation  in Sri Lanka - Wasgamuwa National park- Conservation Expedition in Wasgamuwa - Elephant Watching in wasgamuwa National Park - Wasgamuwa, Sri Lanka

Arrive in Wasgamuwa by noon in time for lunch and check in to Elephant Conservation field house near Wasgamuwa National Park. You will be served with a freshly cooked Sri Lankan rice and curry lunch made up of local vegetables. After a short rest, you will be given a briefing about the experience ahead and what to expect, before heading off on the initial walk that will take you near the Wasgamuwa tank, which borders the Wasgamuwa national park. Here you can observe Elephants if you are lucky and while waiting for the Elephants you can observe many varieties of birds on the lake bund. You will then go to a Treetop watch hut to see how humans and Elephants both use the same corridor for moving about, here you will also have the opportunity to observe many varieties of birds and as dusk arrives you will hear the sounds of nocturnal species.

After an exciting day out arrive at the field house, freshen up and sit down for dinner followed by a discussion of days experiences with the in-house team before retiring to bed by 10 PM.

he wake up call at 5.30 AM is your call for more exciting things to happen, followed by Tea/Coffee before heading to the sunrise rock along the lake bund to observe wildlife ecosystems and meet the locals so as to understand the village activities and local culture. After a hearty breakfast at the field house, go to Orange groves and village to observe orange plantation that has been set up to act as an elephant deterrent while providing the villagers with a supplementary income. Listen to the villager’s stories about how the orange trees are helping them to coexist with elephants. Help to gather data on these projects including assessing the growth, vigor and status of citrus groves and the successful colonization of beehives. This is a very good opportunity to learn about Human-Elephant conflict.

Freshen up at the field house before enjoying a home cooked lunch. In the afternoon leave on a Jeep Safari to Wasgamuwa National Park. Observe elephants and other wildlife in the park while you collect data for the Elephant ID Catalogue. Arrive at the field house, freshen up and sit down for dinner followed by a discussion of the days experience with the in-house team before retiring to bed by 10 PM.

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